Connected Components

Connected Components
The Connected Components / Degrees of Separation toolbar controls allow filtering the graph to show a specified number of degrees of separation around selected nodes.

Connected Components

A Connected Component is a set of nodes that can be reached by following edges.  If there are two collections of nodes where there is a path between nodes within the collection but no paths joining the collections, then they form two separate connected components.
The Connected Components radio button can have one of 3 values "All", "Single" and "Degrees of Separation".


All means that all connected components are shown.  This will show all nodes that pass the inclusion filters and attribute filters, even if they don't have any edges connecting them to each other.


Single means that the whole connected component around the selected node is shown, but only one connected component.  This is the same as setting the Degrees of Separation value to infinity.

Degrees of Separation

The Degrees of Separation setting is used to show only Nodes that can be reached by following N or fewer edges from the selected Node.
  • Only nodes and edges that pass the inclusion filters and attribute filters will be displayed in the graph, and only these nodes and edges will be used to compute the degrees of separation.
  • The degrees of separation will be recalculated after a filtering event such as double clicking a node.

Degree Number

The Degrees Number setting only applies when the Degrees of Separation radio button is selected. 
  • If the Degree Number is 0, only the selected Nodes will be displayed.
  • If the Degree Number is 1, only the selected Nodes and their neighbors (nodes they are connected to by one edge) will be displayed.
  • If the Degree Number is 2, only the selected Nodes, their Neighbor Nodes, and their Neighbors will be displayed.  Etc.