Select Input

Select Input
The Select Input page allows selecting the file  to be loaded.

Select Project File

1. Select Project File
In order to load information, a Project File (with a .tngp extension) needs to be created to indicate how Entities and Relations should be created from the raw data.
  • When opening a file for the first time, a project file may not yet have been created.  Use the Configure option to create a new project.
  • Use the Browse button to open an existing .tgnp project file. When a .tgnp file is selected, the associated data files will be populated in the data files section. 

Select Input Type

2. Select Input Type
TouchGraph Navigator supports many input formats:

Data & Properties


This section can show different options depending on the selected file type.
In the simple case it prompts you to enter a file name such as an Excel file.
One can select a new data file to be used with an existing Project file.  To do so the files must match:
  • The new file must have the same File Type as specified in the project file.
  • The new file must have at least the same tables as the existing Project file.  New tables can also be present.
  • The new file must have at least the same fields for each table of the existing Project file.  New fields can be added, but existing fields must be there.

Save, Configure,

Load, Cancel

  • Save Project: Saves the latest changes in the Project
  • Load: Load data from the file and display the visualization; this option is only enabled if a Project file is specified.
  • Configure: Proceed to the main menu of the Loading Wizard to specify how entities and relations should be created from the data.  If a project file is specified, this will configure the existing schema, otherwise a new schema will be created.
  • Cancel: Discard changes and go back.
  • Help: Takes you to this page of the help manual