Navigator Web Installation

Installing Navigator Web is simple.
Your installer is a .zip file containing everything necessary to install TouchGraph Navigator Web on your server.
Extract the contents of the zip file and place them all is a directory on your registered server. 

The contents of the installer zip are as follows:

  • SampleExcel.php: This is the sample Applet Launcher Page you should be able to open this page in your web browser to see the a sample visualization.  You should make a copy of this page and populate the parameters with your project and data files.
  • SampleExcel.xls: This is a sample data file that is opened with SampleExcel.php, you should put your own data file on the server instead.
  • SampleExcel.tgnp: This is a sample project file that is opened with SampleExcel.php, you should put your own project file on the server instead.
  • LicenseProxy.php: LicenseProxy.php contains your Navigator Web License key. Whenever the Navigator Web Applet is started, it will talk to LicenseProxy.php, which will in turn contact the TouchGraph server to validate the license. Your Navigator Web license will only work when placed on your registered server.
  • icons/: A directory containing icons that can be shown as node tag icons.
  • export/file_export.php: This script in the export directory allows files/images to be exported from the applet and saved by the user.  It's necessary to set the permissions of the export directory to 777 to allow exported files and images to be temporarily saved here.
  • TouchGraph Navigator.jar: This is the executable .jar file containing the TouchGraph Navigator program.
  • Jxl.jar: A helper library to open .xls files.