Node Appearance - Label / Image

Node - Label / Image
The Node Appearance - Label / Image setting panel controls aspects of the label such as font color and size.  This setting panel also lets you choose if the node label should display an image and how the label text should be aligned next to the image.

Node Type Selection

This dropdown shows which node type the rest of the settings below apply to.
  • Selecting a node in the graph or the tables while the setting dialog is visible will change this dropdown to show the selected node type.

Label Shows Attribute

This dropdown controls which attribute will be displayed on node labels, as well as in other parts of the Navigator GUI.
  • This is the same settings as those contained in the Names - Entity Labels setting panel (see there for more details).

Paint Background

By default the node background appears as a rounded rectangle colored a solid color as specified in the Node Appearance - Colors section. 
  • When this check box is unchecked, the node label will appear without a background above the Node Halo.  This may cause some of the label text to overlap.

Image / Label Alignment

This setting controls whether the node label displays an image, and how the image and label text are aligned.  The dropdown offers several choices:
  • Text Only: Displays only the text label.
  • Image Only: Displays only the Image over the Node.
  • Image Beside Text: Displays the Image centered vertically on the Left, with the text on the right.
  • Text Around Image: Displays the Image in the upper left hand corner, with multiple lines of text wrapping under the image.
  • Text Inside Image: Displays the Text so it fits within the bounds of the Image.
  • Text Over Image: The Text is displayed at the bottom of the Image, and can go outside its boundaries.
The size of the image is proportional to the Node Appearance - Halo: Multiplier setting.

Image Attribute

The Image Attribute can be an attribute from the data file that you specified as an Image
In this case, the value of the attribute should be
  • a URL (
  • a local path (c:\directory\image.jpg),
  • or a path relative to the file being opened.  For example if the user is opening a data file named "c:\directory\data_file.xls" file, then an image attribute of "subdirectory\image.jpg" will be resolved as "c:\directory\subdirectory\image.jpg"
The other possible dropdown value is Node Tag Icon
  • Node Tag Icon refers to the icon selected in the Node Appearance - Node Tags setting panel.
  • This value may cause the Tag Icon to be displayed twice, once in the middle of the node body as an image, and once as a Node Tag in the upper right hand corner of the node.  To hide the duplicate Node Tag choose the Show: None or Text radio button.

Max Characters in Row

The Maximum number of characters to be displayed in a horizontal row.

Max Rows

The Maximum number of rows to be displayed by default.
  • When the mouse is moved over a node more rows will be displayed to reveal the full node label.

Font Size

The Font Size of the letters in the node label.  (Controls for font style are coming in future releases).

Font Color

The color of the node text.

Halo / Background Color

This button opens up the Node Appearance - Colors settings panel which controls the color of the node background and halo.