Filter - Attribute Filters

Filter - Attribute Filters
The Filter - Attribute Filters setting panel provides a way to create two types of filters for fine grained control over which nodes and edges should be visible in the graph. 
Nodes and edges must pass all filter conditions to be displayed.

Add / Remove

Filter buttons

1. Add / Remove
Filter buttons
  • The Add Filter button displays the Add Filter Dialog which allows you to specify a new filter to be created.
  • The Remove Filter button deletes the filter associated with the selected row in the top or bottom table.

Numerical Threshold


A Numerical Threshold Filter allows you to filter out nodes and edges whose attribute values don't pass the MIN / MAC condition.
Each row in Numerical Threshold Filters section is an individual filter.
This table has 4 columns:
  • Entity / Relation: The entity type / relation type (node type / edge type) that is being filtered.
  • Attribute: The attribute of the node / edge in the graph whose value will must pass the threshold condition.
  • Condition: Can be MIN or MAX.  The attribute value of the nodes / edges that pass this condition must be greater than or equal to the MIN value or less than or equal to the MAX value.
  • Value: The value against which node / edge attribute values are compared.  You can change this value using the arrow keys or by typing in a new number.  For decimal point values you can enter a number such as 23.456

Multiple Value Filters

A Multiple Value Filter allows you to specify individual attribute values for nodes / edges.  You can choose to either Include or Exclude nodes / edges which have one of the multiple selected values for a specified attribute.
The Multiple Values Filter section consists of 2 tables.  The table on the left has 3 columns, with an adjacent Value table.
Each row in the left table is an individual filter.  The contents of the Value table change depending on which filter is selected in the table on the left.
The left table has 3 columns.
  • Entity / Relation: The entity type / relation type (node type / edge type) that is being filtered.
  • Attribute / Relation: The values in the Values table to the right will be populated based on which Attribute / Relation is selected.
  • Condition: Can be INCLUDE or EXCLUDE.  INCLUDE means that only matching nodes will be included.  EXCLUDE means that matching nodes will be excluded (filtered out of) the graph.
Value Table:
  • When you select a filter (row) in the left hand table, the value table will display values associated with that filter.
  • The values shown will be the union of all possible values for a selected Entity Type and Attribute.  If a Relation rather than an Attribute is selected, the values shown will be the labels for all entities as the other endpoint of the relation from the entity type in the first column.
  • Checking a row in the value table indicates that nodes / edges that have the associated value for the specified attribute should be included / excluded as indicated.