Node Appearance - Colors

Node - Colors
The Node Appearance - Colors setting panel controls the background color and halo color for nodes.  The Node Background is painted as a solid rounded rectangle and the Node Halo is painted as a translucent shape of the same color behind the node halo.

Node Type Colors

1. Node Type Colors
The colors in the Node Type Colors table indicate a "single" color for all nodes of that type.
  • The color displayed in this table will be used as long as the Node Color By table says "Single" in the Color By dropdown for this node type.
  • Clicking / Selecting a row in this table will change the selection in the Node Type combo box in the table to the right.
  • Node colors can later be changed using the Color Chooser dialog

Node Color By

Attribute / Relation

2. Node Color By 
Attribute / Relation
The Node Type combo box indicates that we are specifying how nodes of this type will be colored.
The Color By combo box indicates how nodes of this type will be colored.  Possible Color By values are:
  • Single: Nodes will be colored as indicated in the Node Type Colors table on the left.
  • Id: Each node will be colored an independent color of the other nodes of this type based on its id.
  • Entity/Relation:
  1. Nodes will be colored based on the color of a related entity of the specified type. 
  2. If a node is related to multiple entities the color will be randomly based on one of the entities.
  3. The color of the related entity is not affected by this setting unless the related entity is colored by its id.
  • Attribute: Nodes will be colored based on their value for the specified Attribute.
  • Cluster: Nodes will be colored by cluster.  Use the cluster toolbar to adjust the cluster calculation.

Randomize Colors,

Default Colors

3. Randomize Colors, 
Default Colors
  • When the Color By value is changed, all colors are gray by default.
  • Randomize: Selecting Randomize will randomly reassign colors for all values.  Only the lighter colors in the top two rows of the palette are used as random colors.
  • Default: Selecting Default will change all colors back to the default gray color.