Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic Attributes
The Dynamic Attributes page allows you to specify additional dynamic attributes to be created for entities / relations.  A dynamic attribute such as "the number of relations incident on an entity" is an attribute that is derived from loaded data rather the being read directly from the file.

Select Entity Type /

Relation Type

1. Select Entity Type / 
Relation Type
Select the Entity Type / Relation Type to display available dynamic attributes in the list below.

Dynamic Attributes List

The dynamic attributes list shows what dynamic attributes can be created for the Entity Type / Relation Type selected in the dropdown above.
There are four columns in the list
  • Check box: Check / uncheck the box in each row to indicate whether that attribute should be created.  For now most attributes are checked by default.
  • Attribute: the unique name of the dynamic attribute to be created
  • Related Entity: For an entity type, the related entity column shows the entity type at the other endpoint of a relation type which the attribute is based on.
  • Relation: For an entity type, the relation column shows the incident relation type that the attribute is based on.

    Currently Available Dynamic Attributes:

    Entity Type Attributes
  • Relation #: For undirected relations, we count the number of incident relations on the selected entity type.  For instance if there is a Senator that has a relation to a Party, the Party # attribute will be the number of parties a senator belongs to.  We probably want to uncheck this one because a Senator only belongs to one Party, and thus the results are not interesting.
  • Relation In #: For directed relations, Relation In # counts the number of inbound relations, i.e. relations where the selected entity is the Destination of the directed relation.
  • Relation Out #: For directed relations, Relation Out # counts the number of outbound relations, i.e. relations where the selected entity is the Source of the directed relation.
    Dynamic Co-occurrence Attributes:
    (for now these are the only relations with dynamic attributes)
  • Co-occ#, C-Rank, Significance, S-Rank: See the co-occurrences page.

Save, Ok, Cancel

  • Save Project: Saves the latest changes in the Project
  • Ok: Returns back to the Wizard Main Menu
  • Cancel: Disabled for now, the only way to undo changes is to press ok to go back and then press Cancel on the main Loading Wizard window.
  • Help: Takes you to this page of the help manual