Graph Layout

Graph Layout
The Graph Layout setting panel allows controlling the layout algorithm that positions nodes in the graph.  The layout algorithm is always running by default, but you can pause it by using the button in the graph toolbar.

Layout Type

This dropdown allows different layout algorithms to be selected.  For now Force Directed layout is the only layout algorithm that is supported.
A force directed layout treats nodes as positively charged particles that repel each other, and edges as rubber bands that pull nodes closer together.  A physical simulation is performed until the system stabilizes.
The settings for the force directed layout algorithm allow you to control the repulsion of nodes types and the tension with which edge types pull together the nodes at their endpoints.
Wikipedia provides an indepth description of this type of layout.

Node Layout

The repulsion slider lets you control the degree of repulsion for nodes of this type. 
  • Increasing the repulsion value will cause this type of nodes to push apart each other as well as nodes of other types. 
  • On the other hand decreasing the repulsion value will cause nodes not to repel each other or other nodes, putting them at the center point of all the edges they are connected to.

Edge Layout

The tension slider lets you control the degree of tension for edges of this type. 
  • Increasing the tension value will cause this the endpoints of this edge type to be pulled closer together.